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fishy fuckers

I haven’t been here for ages (well, I won’t exaggerate much but for the whole 2 months) and randomly decided to appear to announce that I’m officially alive after the amount of distressing situations that have bumped into my face recently. Exams, weeks of anticipation, some things I’d like to change by myself, without any help. It’d be easier if I had the power of numbers behind me. Does it actually matter when I, being such an awkward person, wouldn’t accept anything as I used to be independent? Let’s call it a syndrome of confident loneliness when I assure my mind I can do it on my own. Even if I fail (that surely happens very often), I’ll feel miserable, powerless, devastated, but I’ll never ask for help because all this care and idle talks will only add to my smallness. I realize I may be wrong but stubborn at the same time and nobody will ever change the direction of my logics.

But it’s not the main purpose of my instant message. Friends, I understand everyone. He wanted to become a musician but instead he’s growing potatoes, she wanted to be an actress but only learned how to imitate an orgasm and show her spectacles at the kitchen. It’s all allegory. We’re Human with a capital letter, we were born to do good. Though, everyone looks at a chosen victim trying to find as many drawbacks as it’s possible to build an original illusion that his life is better, to triumph over someone’s fails. My strong suggestion: ignorance. Don’t hate, just ignore please if you don’t like me. Simple arithmetic. I’m not asking for many things. 1+1 will always give 2, not 5 and 6.

Also,  unfortunately I can’t be patient and tolerant with whiners (who weren’t definitely taught how to keep a healthy discussion in case not to offend someone’s personal life and interests) anymore. I aroused and it’s burning anger. Quite ridiculous because i’m talking about cyber space, specifically about messageboard. I don’t feel like I’m on the forum of muse fans. So many disappointed people who compare maximalistic good Muse 10 years ago and adult good Muse now with their huge rock production and new fresh ideas and music they represent to their audience hoping to satisfy them. It reminds me of a comparison: arse vs finger (or finger vs arse, order doesn’t matter). I’m sorry for those guys who post repetitive stuff during months. ‘Copy and insert’ rule would work good for them.  Sometimes I’m even afraid to say i like this or that performance/song, to be honest. I’ll talk the language they’ll understand.

The positive thing is that the summer is here. 🙂

apple splash by *valyeszter


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who are we?

all we know how modern and quickly our world is: thousands of cars running on streets, huge airports with plains which look like giant futuristic insects and can take you everywhere you wish, overcrowded busy cities like Boston, London, Las-Vegas. we’re used to such life but at times we simply get deadly tired and can’t deal with all offered advantages. the best decision (as we think) is to make someone else do our work and make our being simplier. that’s how robots and computers were invented. it’s clear that it’s more convenient and we won’t waste our gold time doing things which these useful devices can do instead of us. they’re our little children, we’re caring parents.  but i’m sure you won’t disagree all machines have conquered our minds and apparently we’d die without them. try to forget about your phone, PC, washing machine, calculator etc. for at least one week and you’ll see.  our brains’ activity is slightly decreasing and we have less opportunities to develop intelligence on our own. will we have conscious computers some day, will they have emotional reactions? considering the fact computer speeds are accelerating so that it’ll be able to replace our current reality in the distant future. controversial predictions, aren’t they?

this post was expected to be not about my views on future but about bad community we’ve become. we’ve got too much freedom, too many conveniences, too many advantanges which we might not deserve. humanity has gone mad in the full sense of this word. worldwide tragedies happenned during the past time caused chaotic worries in my head. terror acts. let’s have a look at these ones beginning from XI century:

2000 – August 8, Moscow, Russia. explosion in pedestrian underpass during rush hour, killed 12, wounded 97.

2001 – September 11, NY, USA. World Trade Center tragedy. killed around 3000 people (impressive ‘success’).

 2003 – November 15 and 20, Istanbul, Turkey. explosion at 2 synagogues and the British Consulate. killed 57, wounded 700.

2004 – March 11, Madrid, Spain. ten bombs detonated on the train line. killed 191, wounded 600.

               September 1, Beslan, Russia. 334 deaths, 727 injured.

2005 – July 7, London, UK. suicide bombers attacked bus and 3 undeground trains. 52 deaths, 700 injured.

2010 – March 29, Moscow, Russia. 2 female suicide bombers hit underground. 40 deaths, 100+ injured.

do i have to continue? no. awful bloody picture is quite clear. monsters live. all this happen because of religious reasons or political interests, but everyone has his own God whatever which religion he supports. HE will punish. though, i’d like to learn your opinion: execution – yes or not? (comments please)

well, probably readers of my blog are mostly musers and i must admit: i’m interested in such aspects, in politics, economics etc. when girls of my age are narrow in their interests and care which jeans to wear for the party: grey or black. even if i’m muse fan it doesn’t mean i’ll write ONLY about them and post ONLY their photos. just saying.

now about positive moments. spring is here, amazingly cool weather, old friends, new meetings, parties. i’m so happy. 🙂 i’ll be much happier when i buy these sunglesses (similar to Matt’s ones):



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pleasant pressure

(that’s where i’ve been sitting)

i was intived to opening ceremony of all-ukrainian olympiad where there were winners of different rounds. i feel like honoured. we were mentioned as elite. oh, let’s just stop calling me in such a way, i’m simple child and don’t put myself higher that anyone else. it’s silly. i was thinking to stay at home to watch SXSW. i wonder. i was going to stay at home instead of hanging out with friends? muse conquered my mind, i’m addicted. that’s very strange.

eventually i forced myself to go. when we were in trolleybus (the most hilarious and slow public transport), one guy started staring at me like i was naked. i thought something was wrong, felt very confused. but then he started talking to me and looking very attentively at my face. as i’m polite, i had to answer his questions back (considering the fact, all passengers were listening to our dialogue). p.s. by the way, he wasn’t ugly. 🙂 so, nice start.

we’ve got very far seats, i couldn’t see anything ‘thanks to’ my eyesight. but ohai camera, you help me everytime. i was watching concert through the screen. sounds weird, isn’t it? but i swear you can’t imagine how to live in completely foggy world every day. i always get in hilarious situations (which end not so funny) when i simply don’t recognize my friends, my teachers on streets and they think i ignore them and feel offended. I DON’T! i just don’t see.

have i already said that i love concert halls and love discovering new architecture? our theatre reminded me of Royal Albert Hall. you know, if i like something, i’ll try to find similarities between this and that things which surround me. structure of halls look different but i wanted them to be the same. 🙂

i turned bored and (of course) decided to listen to muse. guess what? my friend joined me, she said she loved ‘uprising’. YAY! we’ve watched video (while those Matt’s tonuge moves i was smiling and she understood what i meant. embarrasing!!). then SMBH (only vocals). she was like: WOW! :O so you see why Matt’s titled sexy.

welcome migraine, red arse isn’t able to save me. but i must be responsible for words i say, so history tutorial. i have no right at all to fail tomorrow and i can’t lie. i’ll start blushing, moving quickly on chair, saying strange things. so better study.

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nothing more than you used to think.

smiles brighter, eyes wider, hearts opened. i want summer back. atmosphere, nature which impresses me with its marvellous beauty. the main reason why i deadly want it now is the weather. who will tell me: when will it stop snowing and everything will start melting? i’m tired of it. 4 winter months for 2010? no, thanks.

this summer might be much more difficult than previous years. passing exams. well, let’s start with fact we’ve finally got new president and new government. it naturally means: new changes in every economical and political aspect of life which straightly influence citizens of Ukraine. i’ve always said and will continue saying: there’s still no leader here which will be appreciated by most part of people. elections showed how different our opinions were: 50/50, we can’t reach agreement.

considering all this, new minister of education isn’t sure about exact system. we, simple students and teachers, don’t know how it’ll be. exams at school + tests to have chance to get the high university + exams at university.


they say: it’ll decrease level of corruption, it’ll exclude some unpleasant situations. WHAT? for me it only means INCREASING. you’re working for your profits, for your own interest, not mine. there’ll be fat men/women sitting in their chairs and asking with their eyes to give money money and once again money. fuck you all. i won’t give you any euro, money alligators. i don’t want to satisfy the undisclosed desires in your heart. i’m quite sure in my knowledge and have all posibilities to reach my final destination without payment.

that’s what i’m worrying about at the moment. there’re also some serious problems with my family’s health. but it’s another case. don’t want to talk about this. let’s hope it’ll be okay.

i’ve been in ‘megalomania’ mood for the whole week.

do you know that:

  • a psychopathological condition characterized by delusional fantasies of wealth, power, or omnipotence;
  • an obsession with grandiose or extravagant things or actions.

enough said.

Where’s your gavel? Your jury?
What’s my offense this time?
You’re not a judge but if you’re gonna judge me
Well, sentence me to another life

Don’t wanna hear your sad songs
I don’t wanna feel your pain
When you swear it’s all my fault
‘Cause you know we’re not the same.

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almost all of us were waiting for this with a huge excitement, we were clicking clicking and clicking, we were counting days and hours till usual british music ceremony, where beau monde (wearing impressive costumes, dresses, granny coats whatever) gathered together and enjoyed buffet. 24th february (my mother’s b’day), 7 p.m., finally, welcome NME Awards 2010! let’s see if our expectations and predictions were broken or not. i want to mention NME this year is big paradox (at least, in few nominations) personally for me. you can agree or disagree but the results were quite really shocking and surprising. i’m making my own analysis of what was going on.

Best British Band (sponsored by Shockwaves)
Winner: Muse.
Nominated: Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro, Kasabian, Oasis.


hell yes! it was totally deserved! congratulations to all of musers and ‘MUSE’ themselves. thanks god, this nomination was on the 1st page to vote for so more people probably left their votes only there. it’s the most honourable award among all. only ‘kasabian’ could compete with ‘muse’.  ‘arctic monkeys’ are too young, ‘oasis’ are too old and liam gallagher is inadequate to win (as i can judge from Brit Awards, ‘generous man’), ‘biffy’ + ‘muse’ fans = (in most cases) muffy, so they might be satisfied. 😀

it seems matt and dom worked properly on their appearances and outfits. ‘matt’s red hair, matt’s blue hair, matt is grey-haired, matt is bald! :O’  hahaha, people, it was hilarious. do you actually believe that matt in his 31 can dye hair such extreme colours? LOL. i’d even believe more if someone said matt was naked. at least, Olly is happy his cue was mentioned on radio.

Best International Band (sponsored by 4music/T4)
Winner: Paramore.
Nominated: Green Day, Kings Of Leon, Vampire Weekend, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

this is the most powerful nomination. i voted for ‘green day’. they should’ve devided it into ‘BIB with female vocalist’ and ‘BIB with male vocalist’. it’s all twilight fans’ fault, i’m sure.

Best Solo Artist
Winner: Jamie T.
Nominated: Dizzee Rascal, Florence And The Machine, Julian Casablancas, Lady Gaga.

applaudes to Jamie T. he beat grandiose Lady Gaga. good for him, nice start.

Best Live Band (sponsored by Tuborg)
Winner: Arctic Monkeys.
Nominated: Kasabian, Muse, Radiohead, Them Crooked Vultures.

that’s why i call NME paradox. what the hell? how the band who said ‘we’re afraid of big arenas’ managed to win this prize? hooooooow? why?

1. NME simply cheated and didn’t want to be standard and give it to ‘MUSE’ once again.

2. monkeys bribed NME.

3. musers watched video with Matt licking his kaoss pad, were drunk and were missing the marks while voting there.

Best Album (sponsored by HMV)
Winner: Kasabian – ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’
Nominated: Arctic Monkeys – ‘Humbug’, Muse – ‘The Resistance’, The Cribs – ‘Ignore The Ignorant’, The Horrors – ‘Primary Colours’.

i was disappointed. :'(. ‘TR’ with its variety of styles and symphonical part suits the best for it. i heard only it and ‘humbug’, so i have no right to say ‘kasabian’ is shit and their album isn’t worth to win. i won’t do it. i’ll try to listen to it ’cause i’m really excited about how popular they are.

cover of album makes me do it.

p.s. Tom Meighan looks much better with shortened hair.

Best Live Event
Winner: Blur at Hyde Park.
Nominated: Jay-Z at Alexandra Palace, Muse at Teignmouth <—-:'(, Oasis at Heaton Park, The Dead Weather at Shoreditch Church.

are ‘blur’ THAT cool at live performances? damnit. i was sure ‘muse’ had to take it. well, let’s wait till wembley 2010. then our time will come.

Best Dressed
Winner: Lady Gaga.
Nominated: Liam Gallagher, Noel Fielding, Florence Welch, Karen O.

Worst Dressed
Winner: Lady Gaga.
Nominated: Matt Bellamy, Katy Perry, Liam Gallagher, Elly Jackson (La Roux).

ROLF! they both deserve it. i hope lady gaga will be glad and give a chance for matt to share this title.


Hottest Man
Winner: Matt Bellamy (Muse) <—YEEEEEEES! 😀

I’M HYPER HAPPPPPYYYYYY!! poor matt, he drank too much that evening, his eyes were rolling and rolling. poor matt. xD. i suppose he behaved well after awards, didn’t he?

how to end this post? i don’t know. but will say, NME called Dom ‘Dom Greenwood’. ahahahahaha, it was epic joke. how would this creature look like?

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world we live in

          If a nation could not prosper without

the enjoyment  of perfect liberty and

perfect justice, there is not in the world 

a nation which could ever have prospered.

Adam Smith

the conception of justice has always been an interesting question for many philosophers and scientists of all ages, including Socrates and Plato. probably, every single person wishes to find out and arrives at the truth of fair human being on this planet.  so what’s justice? how things, we’ve already done and are going to do, influence us? should we wait for a day of reckoning?


have you ever thought why people die from famine or cold when we have fridges full of different products and all conveniences which everyone must have for normal being, why soldiers fight in the war and then die when we simply switch on our tv-sets, watch current events from Palestine or Iraq and say at the same moment  that we’re fucking patriots, why newborn children have incurable diseases when another mothers just abandon their child at martenity hospitals or have an abortion? why, why,why? no one will explain. ‘you and me are the same’ (as bellamy sings), we deserve the same things.  but unfortunately, life is very cruel and unfair where only the strongest, who are able to fight for their rights, become winners.

there’s nothing ideal in this world we live in, we idealize everything ourselves, draw colourful stunning pictures, landscapes from which we’ll never enjoy in reality. as Bible says: ‘thou shalt not make thee any graven image’. anyway, i want to stay optimist and believe that lonely people will find reliable friends and true love, homeless ones will have comfortable habitation, poor ones will get the chance to grow rich, doctors will find the way how to cure AIDS, and personally i’ll do all the stuff i planned. let’s trust. we ourselves built castles in the country called ‘life’, that’s why all depends on us. let’s unify and watch our flag ascend.

the killers – the world we live in

huge thanks to ‘the killers’ for such songs.

another thing i can’t stop thinking about is Wembley 2010. it seems to be epic. wish all, who are going there, to have great fun. 🙂 some day we’ll mosh at ukraine gig, i swear.

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a girl with harmonica

27 days passed since i’ve uploaded my last post. very long period. i had millions of thoughts in my head but couldn’t  tell them anyone, it’s like deep inside. i try to find reasons, try to understand, realize and correct my mistakes, speak with my soul..but..nothing, still nothing..i know, probably it sounds like i’m schizophrenic, fortunately i don’t have such disease but in need of professional psychological help. i’m tired of assuring. if you don’t believe me, fuck you and live your life, not mine and try to forget if you wish…but i cannot…i can’t lie to myself. i’m always honest when we speak about relationships or such serious moral things. the game is very dangerous, you’re not always winner and don’t get gold medal.  

ok. let’s stop. too sad. general picture you won’t never understand. too hard.

by the way, i was very busy with my studying. i’ll pass my final exams and tests to enter the university in future. i’ll pass ukrainian language and literature, ukrainian history and of course english (because british blood runs in my veins :D). there’s high competition, high level of corruption, educational system is really stupid. what do you want? it’s ukraine!  i want to use only my knowledges but not money in my parents’ pockets. it’s humiliating.  i’m 16, i’m adult, i understand everything. independence begins with these things when you don’t depend on your relatives in money question.

i’m very excited with upcoming holidays! new year, our christmas! yay! presents, lights, champaign, baloons, smiles, bright spirit, the beginning, new page, new year. i’ve always loved it and continue doing this. our christmas is on 7th january. i know, i’m a little bit late, but still wanna congratulate my foreign friends with YOUR christmas, wish you luck, huge peace of happiness and true love! this year i celebrate two christmases. thanks to twitter. 😉


my friend from italy came here! wow…this week will be amazing. today we went to the caffee and ate this:

be jealous! it was incredibly delicious, but at the same time expensive. mc’donalds would be cheaper. haha. 😀  anyways, such dessert and magnificent coffee are worth it.  i’m lovin’ it.

then it began snowing. we took some pictures, draw word ‘MUSE’ (as usual) on snow and were just happy and pleased with everything which was happening around us. of course, we’re pretty girls and two boys paid attention to us and just started following us! it was funny and hilarious. we stopped –> they stopped, we went —> they went. we’re flirting a little bit. 😉 natural thing for sly girls, isn’t it?

songs: ‘MUSE’ – MK Ultra

              Avril Lavigne – I miss you

              Земфира – Я полюбила Вас

book: Paulo Coelho – ‘Veronica decides to die’

mood: O_O

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map of my head

i decided to entertain myself and was looking for some pics. it’s one of them i randomly found in GOOGLE. yes, i have sence of humor so i realize it’s just a loke. but..what the hell is that? i hate stereotypes! why everyone thinks the main things for women are shopping, rumours and diets. my minds are extremely different. i talk about politics, economics, current world news, books, conspiracies, theories (hm. i know one celebrity who thinks the way i do.:D). 

so, maybe am i a man? :D. ok, i used to be girl-looking-like-boy in my childhood. everything has changed, i’ve grown up and hey! you’re welcome, nice clever and shy lady. as it’s said, ‘nothing is permanent except change’. they are for good, i swear. it’s destiny.

Zombama Brains. LOL! another weird pic. (again joke). i respect Obama, i love his way of thinking and his trying to improve the lifes of his citizens. please, don’t think i wanted to offend USA or something. this pic is just similar to ‘Big Bro’s Watchin’ You’. i hope you’ve seen it.

only 3 things influence my political and geographical position of minds in my head (oh my god. i could say it simplier. :D). so they are: music, movies and books. you’ve all already know about music, so as i was talking about my fav movie at today’s english class, i decided to post it here.

magnificent. marvellous. amusing. eye-catching. breath-taking. fantastic. it’s all about ‘Requiem for a Dream’. i recommend you to watch it (if you haven’t done it already) but have to warn: it’s violent and cruel film. you can get in little depression after watching. but it’s worth. the story is based on book and about lifestyle of people who take drugs because of different reasons. yeah, light drugs are entertaining, i think, almost every teen wants to experience it. but when it’s getting serious, you understand you can’t live with it, it’s life tragedy. you become a plant and only the strongest will stay alive.

that movie has changed something in me, my general picture of the world. the only film while wathing it i amn’t bored.

everyone has heard about him, but not everyone has read. ‘Alchemist’ is the best thing to start with.

some of his quotes to make you read and get interested in his philosophy:

‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.’ ( universe, galaxy, finally God, where the hell are ‘MUSE’?)

‘No one can lie, no one can hide anything, when he looks directly into someone’s eyes.’ 

‘You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen.’

(the worst thing is standing on one place without self-developing, acting. yeah, probably it’s more convenience when you’re confident in your future, in your next day, but hey! our life won’t last forever. we will all die. guys, just make your life brighter, not waste your time and do everything you wish even if it’s weird and include risks which can harm you).

‘We can never judge the lives of others, because each person knows only their own pain and renunciation. It’s one thing to feel that you are on the right path, but it’s another to think that yours is the only path.’  (conclusion: never judge. we are not gods).

“Love can consign us to hell or to paradise, but it always takes us somewhere.’ (what could be better than love? right. nothing. no. i am wrong. the best love is love to ‘MUSE’. :D)


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pic i’ve recently taken when was with my friend. i haven’t seen her for ages! and understood i really missed her

(да настя, если ты это читаешь, это про тебя, моя хорошая).

yeah, i know it’s very simple photo and you don’t need some special abilities to take it. i love taking pictures in the evening. i like such kind of stuff when you get dark background and lights. everything: cars, shops, cinemas wake up at that time. it brings me the feeling of holiday.

people at the bus stop were staring at me like i was a tourist. :DD. perhaps they thought i wanted to make their portraits. oh come on, humans are so naive. ib every situation they think everything is related to them. ugh.

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1st post is..random?

music is my life.  my life is music.

i want to make a rating of my favourite musical bands  for you to understand which style i listen to.

let’s begin.

1. ‘MUSE’

i don’t have to explain. for me they’re everything. but for you ‘MUSE’ can be only the most powerful live band on our planet with songs sounding like anthems of humanity, with the brightest music, magnificent voice and lyrics about both love and theories of conspiracy. when the hell they’ll finally come to ukraine?


mysterious 4: Mark Stoermer, Ronni Vannucci, Brandon Flowers, David Keuning. :D. just because of them i can say i love americans. they make great music! and video for ‘speceman’! really funny) Brandon could be a designer of men’s jackets or professional dancer. but now it’s enough for him to be caring father of cute children and man with hilarious laughing.


men, who have the biggest american sence of humor. their furious performances make people gone crazy. Billie Joe Armstrong knows how to work with audience, which words to say to make peeps remember everything with is on the stage. i quite like when he runs around the public full of ‘Green Day’ fans and touch them. that’s nice. video for ’21 guns’ from the last album ’21st century breakdown’ impressed me most of all. and if i’m not mistaken, they’re 1st artists who made a musical on ‘American Idiot’.


just <3. but sorry, Chester’s new own project ‘Dead by Sunrise’ is totally odd. better if he plays only in ‘LP’ and give his energy for one band.

5. and finally…’PAPA ROACH’

yes, i love them. and never mind your opinion. you can say: ‘hey, girl! they’re too heavy for you, it’s impossible to listen to them when you’re musefan’. say everything you wish. they’re better and achieved more than ‘FF’ or ‘Placebo’ for example.  it’s just my view.


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